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Elevate your beauty and embrace the enchantment of flawless lashes and brows

Eyebrow Treatment
Woman having an eyelash extension

Eyelash Extensions

Our Eyelash Extensions service offers a remarkable way to enhance your natural beauty and achieve captivating, fluttery lashes. Our skilled lash technicians meticulously apply individual synthetic or mink lashes to your existing lashes, creating a customized and seamless look that suits your preferences.

Eyelash Extention

Henna Brows

We offer professional henna brows or brow tinting services to enhance and define your eyebrows. The tinting process involves applying the tint solution to your eyebrows, allowing it to develop for a short period of time, and then carefully removing the excess. This results in brows that appear fuller, more defined, and beautifully shaped. The tinting solution also helps to add depth and dimension to your brows, giving them a natural and polished appearance.

Eyebrow Treatment
Green Eyes and Makeup

Eyebrow Lamination

At Dazln, we are thrilled to offer our transformative Brow Lamination service, designed to give you perfectly groomed and beautifully styled eyebrows. The process involves applying a specialized solution to the brows, which helps to relax the hair follicles and allows them to be manipulated into the desired shape. We then carefully comb and style the brow hairs to create a lifted, brushed-up effect that enhances the natural arch and symmetry of your brows.

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